We use sound environmental practices, waste reduction, and energy-efficient operations to protect the natural beauty of our community. Our Nature grades include recycled post-consumer waste, and we are working to integrate non-traditional fiber sources such as pulp from wheat straw, agricultural waste, and hemp into innovative new paper products. Our mission is to become a leader in environmentally-friendly paper production.

Agricultural Fiber

Our new paper product family, reHARVEST, includes envelope and uncoated offset grades, along with the first domestically produced coated paper using non-wood fiber. A recently developed process has advanced the pulping of agricultural waste which, historically in the U.S., was not considered a viable substitute for hardwood pulp. Fields that were either burned or tilled under can now be turned into raw material for making paper. The result is a high-quality sheet used for brochures, catalogs, magazines or any company looking for an alternative and highly-sustainable paper choice.

Forestry Certification

FSCĀ® certification is an indication that the wood used to make the paper comes from a forest that is well managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. FSC-certified forests have been independently inspected and evaluated according to the principles and criteria for forest management agreed and approved by the Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ®. FSC is an international, non-profit association whose membership comprises environmental and social groups working in partnership to improve forest management worldwide. More information can be found at