Paper has been a part of life in West Linn, Oregon for over 130 years. We are excited to bring an innovative, fresh approach to the Willamette Falls Paper mill. Our leadership team is a blend of old and new, bringing a mix of technical and business experience that will re-establish the organization, and contribute to the economic life of the community beyond manufacturing. While the mill’s initial focus is on traditional paper-making, the plant is also a leader in developing and innovating non-traditional fiber sources such as pulp from wheat straw and the new farm crop of hemp. Long term, the mill will strive to play a pivotal role in helping the greater metro area to recycle its waste paper into secondary fiber to create more of a closed-loop at significant energy and environmental savings.

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Sustainable Papermaking Revitalizes Mill



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Financial Controller

The Financial Controller leads the accounting team at Willamette Falls Paper Company and reports to the President of the company. Important skills for this position include solid experience with GAAP accounting principles, clear communications, being a team player and a solid manager, maintaining confidentiality, detail-oriented and maintaining the highest ethical standards and integrity.

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