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Willamette Falls Paper Company is excited to bring new energy and innovation to papermaking in the Northwest. As the only coated free-sheet producer on the West Coast, we offer nimble, responsive manufacturing that delivers what our customers need—quality paper with fast, on-time delivery. The new mill operates three paper machines, capable of making traditional coated, C1S, and uncoated grades with the potential capacity of 260,000 tons. .

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Our Story

Paper has been a part of life in West Linn, Oregon for over 130 years. We are excited to bring an innovative, fresh approach to the Willamette Falls Paper mill. Our leadership team is a blend of old and new, bringing a mix of technical and business experience that will re-establish the organization, and contribute to the economic life of the community beyond manufacturing. While the mill’s initial focus is on traditional paper-making, the plant will also be a leader in developing and innovating non- traditional fiber sources such as pulp from wheat straw and the new farm crop of hemp. Long term, the mill will strive to play a pivotal role in helping the greater metro area to recycle its waste paper into secondary fiber to create more of a closed loop at significant energy and environmental savings.

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Our Story

Our Products

All of Willamette Falls products offer the same brightness and specifications that the mill previously produced and have been tested in press rooms with great success. Supply of 50# to 100# gloss and matte grades are available for immediate shipment or can be placed as making orders. All of Willamette Falls Paper grades are available as FSC®-certified upon request.


A sharp #2 coated 92 bright free-sheet web paper that delivers strength, reliable opacity, and outstanding performance. Capistrano delivers a bright, blue-white shade with minimal variation for a quality finished piece. Capistrano Specifications


A consistent #3 coated free-sheet paper with 86-88 brightness that delivers a smooth blue-white sheet with excellent opacity and ink holdout. Sonoma offers a wide range of text weights and gloss or matte finishes. Sonoma Specifications

Nature & Nature Plus

The Nature series offers a range of 10% to 30% post-consumer waste recycled content. Our Nature papers offer comparable brightness, ink gloss, and print quality that is on par with virgin fiber products. Nature Web is a #3 coated free-sheet paper with 86-88 brightness. Nature Plus is a #2, 92 bright coated free-sheet paper. Nature Specifications and Nature Plus Specifications

Uncoated Offset

This superior uncoated offset smooth sheet is available in 50# to 70# basis weights. The sheet is designed to compare to a smooth offset with high opacity. Available in web rolls, this offset sheet is a 92 brightness with a blue-white shade. Uncoated Offset Specifications

White Wove Envelope

This White Wove & High Bulk Envelope features good opacity and brightness, available in 92 bright, blue-white shade. This clean, lint-free paper offers excellent stiffness, surface strength and consistent runnabililty. Envelope Specifications



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Through sound environmental practices, waste reduction, and energy-efficient operations, we work to protect the natural beauty of our community. We offer recycled post-consumer waste in our Nature grades and our vision is to integrate the use of non- traditional fiber sources such as pulp from wheat straw, agricultural waste, and hemp into the process to become an innovative leader in environmental paper production.

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