Agricultural Fiber


Recent process technology developments have enabled the production of high-quality papermaking fibers from wheat straw agricultural waste. What was previously either burned or tilled in is now collected, pulped and available for papermaking. The use of this agricultural fiber product reduces both field burning and pressures on forests. Furthermore, the fiber has a lower carbon footprint and uses less water and energy than conventional pulping processes. The reHARVEST™ family incorporates this agricultural waste fiber into envelope, offset and coated paper grades while maintaining key product specifications and the high-quality performance Willamette Falls Paper Company is known for. The paper grades are available in web rolls and priced competitively for truckload orders in Q1.

reHARVEST Uncoated Offset & Envelope Specifications

reHARVEST Gloss & Matte Specifications

reHARVEST Natural Kraft and Bag Paper